Music For Theatre

“Chris Williams has composed some brilliantly unsettling music” – Ben Neutze (Daily Review) 

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Cosi (2019) – Melbourne Theatre Company and Sydney Theatre Company (co-production), directed by Sarah Goodes

A Doll’s House, Part 2 (2018) – Melbourne Theatre Company, directed by Sarah Goodes

Cloud Nine (2017) – Sydney Theatre Company, directed by Kip Williams, Sydney Opera House

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2016) – Sydney Theatre Company, directed by Kip Williams, Sydney Opera House

Harvest (2015) – Gettysburg College, directed by Susan Russell

Fascination (2015) – 50 Miniaturists (Arcola Theatre, London), written and directed by Sarah Sigal

No Border (2014 – Development) – Rough-Hewn (with assistance from the Arts Council England), written and directed by Carla Kingham

The Cold Clear Elsewhere (2014) – Edinburgh Fringe Festival, written by Jennifer Williams, directed by Sarah Sigal

Altogether Now (2014) – North Wall Summer Residency, Oxford, written by Tom Wainwright

The Merchant of Venice (2013) – Buskins Dramatic Society/Oxford University Dramatic Society

Orphans (2013) – Rough-Hewn

Love’s Labour’s Lost (2012) – Oxford University Dramatic Society

Hyppolytus Raised (2010) – Sydney University Dramatic Society

Moonlight (2008) – Mummer’s Dramatic Society

Whispers and Fumbles (2008) – Sydney University Dramatic Society

Arcadia (2007) – Sydney University Dramatic Society

Hating Alison Ashleigh (2003) – Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

Boss of the Pool (2002) – Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

The Golden Masque of Agamemnon (2001) – Young People’s Theatre Newcastle

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