among the silent trees

‘among the silent trees’ began with two sonically and symbolically rich sounds. The heart of the electronic part for the piece combines Australian birdsong with the sound of Japanese temple bowls (rin). In addition to the sound of bird song, the structure of their song is also important for the piece, which builds itself out of small, motivic fragments, using the combination and recombination of limited material to create constantly ‘repeating, non-repeating’ figures.

What biologist Aristid Lindenmayer has called the ‘phase beauty’ of self-similar structures on different scales is also explored in ‘among the silent trees’ as is Lindenmayer’s approach to developmental algorithms for imitating, and inventing, natural growth.

The title, ‘among the silent trees’ – a line from Tagore’s ‘Stray Birds’ – seemed a perfect meeting point for the birdsong, and the bowls, which I recorded in temples in beautiful, secluded woods, among the silent trees.

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