New Ecstasies

Shortly after finishing the work, I had no articulate sense of what could be said about it, fortuitously, however, a few weeks later I re-read an interview with Nigel Butterley, in which he was asked about his notion of earthly happiness. His response was both eloquent and profound, containing a delightfully Butterleyesque acceptance of the elusive;

[Earthly happiness] …comes mainly in brief periods of time. It can be alone or in company. It is most often unexpected, blending the familiar and the new into a fresh experience of the fact that there’s more than earthly happiness.

I was struck that this so clearly articulates, with far more insight, the notion I had been considering in naming the work “New Ecstasies;” moments in time that combine the known with the unknown/unknowable and are immediately fresh and revitalising. Perhaps this realisation makes it a perfect ideological compliment to my other piece on these evening’s program.

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