thus passes…

There are two texts used in the piece. The first is the Latin phrase ‘sic transit gloria mundi’ (thus passes the glory of the earth), and the other is a list of latin, biological names for a number of species that are now ‘critically endangered’ in Australia.

Environmental thinker Glenn Albrecht, suggests that we don’t yet have the vocabulary to express our ‘psychoterric’ states, and proposes, amongst other terms, ‘solastalgia’ for the desolate feeling associated with the chronic decline of a homescape. In light of this, thus passes… can be regarded a ‘solastalgic lament.’ The struggle to articulate is also apparent in the sound world of the piece. In addition to using a now dead language, syllables of this language are abstracted in different ways throughout, sometimes becoming pained vocalisations more than words, and creating incomplete, fractured utterances.

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